tips to invest safely at times of uncertainty or after lockdown

Are you interested in investing but don't know where to Invest in time of uncertainty like lockdown don't worry after reading this article you will get an idea  this article I am going to share some tip for investing money during uncertainty like lockdown this article will encourage people to be broad minded while investing and will help Beginners, professional, retired, students, housewife and type of people who are looking to invest safely with minimum risk so before investing do your research 
What is Investment?
Investing is the act of allocating resources, usually money, with the expectation of generating an income or profit.It is done to secure our future but how to invest  during time of uncertainty (lockdown) and most important is to invest safely with minimum risk 
During uncertain time like job lost ,covid-19 and many more emergency fund can be your first option means calucate your total expenses in multiple of 6 months before investing I suggest everyone 
So first option is to consider investing on gold or gold bonds
can invest in two form such as physical gold and paper gold traditional people love to buy gold especially females and it is a good option as investment also it will be an asset one can invest in form of gold ornaments,gold bars , gold biscuitssovereign gold bond,gold etf,gold funds,gold valut and Good investment for long term investors also can expect good return and paper gold has tax benefits also.,
Next is one can select investing on land :
 Land values do not depreciate.Land investments can produce high returns,as asset, passive income, and large profit margins.Land Stays the Same
No one can destroy or steal your land, which is why it is an excellent investment choice. Owning land also requires very little effort on your part as require huge capital. You do not need to maintain the land, renovate it, or protect it, as you would have to do with a physical asset like a house. Simply by leaving your land in its natural state, it will have value physical buying of land requires huge amount so one can opt for infrastructure bonds are bonds issued by infrastructure companies after they have been approved by the government. The money invested in infrastructure bonds is usually invested in the construction of infrastructures such as airports, ports, roads and power plants which has tax benefits and good intrest also REITs are bought and sold on major exchange, Mutual fund,real estate limited partnership (RELP) 
As minimum risk and good return in long term both physical or paper form 
Next is insurance industry
 investing in life/term insurance is a good investment options for long term with High return also has tax benefits health/automobile is a good option as it covers risk which is uncertain best insurance company 
Next is automobile industry
India is the fourth largest automobile market in the world after China, US and Japan.The automobile sector in India contributes around 7 % of the GDP.Currently valued at $75 bn, the automobile industry is estimated to touch the coveted $300 bn mark by 2026 by creating 19 mn
Employment generated 40 % Share in global R&D 4 % in India's exports
 a automobile is a asset but value depreciate and also has additional expenses like maintenance,fuel,insurance So it better to invest on paper form than physical both has risk with minimum return 
Now others and safety investment are 
Fixed deposit,term deposit,tax saving deposit, time deposit,ppf,nps,ncs,fmcg,oil or crude oil sector 


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